Daft Punk – Doin’ It Right (Decadon Remix)

Relax Your Mind Music ® https://www.facebook.com/RYMMusic RYM is a record label and media network dedicated to supporting up and coming musicians. ”Daft Pun…

Underrated Metal Vol.1: Jumpin’ Jesus- The King of Worms

I’m now uploading some old school metal stuff that never quite caught on. Jumpin’ Jesus is a German death metal band that play some pretty brutal stuff. This…

T.N.T. (Ger) – Heavy Metal Noise

Hard Rock / Heavy Metal from Germany Song from: Demo, 1984 (thanks to Egbert) ————————————————— Source: http://heavymetalra…

21 – Tron Legacy (End Titles) – Tron legacy CD1 – Daft Punk

21 – Tron Legacy (End Titles) by Daft Punk.

Milking The Goatmachine – Temple of Love (The Sisters of Mercy Death Metal / Goregrind cover)

Crazy German Death Metal / Goregrind band from Berlin covers Sisters of Mercy classic “Temple of Love”. Track taken from “Greatest Hits – Covered in Milk” (2…

Update on my patches- uniform collection

I got more patches and want to show them.

Tours: Frameworks (Europe)

FrameworksPost hardcore band, Frameworks has announced for their first ever European tour in October with The Saddest Landscape. The Tidal Sleep will be joining Framework and the Saddest Landscape for a few dates. Framework released their debut full length Loom in April on Top Shelf Records.

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WWE CM PUNK Promo, CM punks last promo and he quit WWE

Cm punk suddenly quit wwe and will never come back his contract is up for ever sadly he quit now watch this video leave a like comment and subscribe.

Brütal Legend #036 – Doviculus Death Metal Solo [HD+][Let's Play][FSK 18]

BRÜTALER SOUND, BRÜTAL GUT ♢♢ ▻ 1. Folge: http://goo.gl/ijb4uN ▻ Games: http://goo.gl/xEaoYs ▻ Facebook: http://goo.gl/nQaJQW ▻ Twitter: http://goo.gl/ejf…

Type O Negative – Love You To Death [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

2007 WMG Purchase October Rust from iTunes – http://bit.ly/9MhV3v Type O Negative – Love You To Death.