Bad Religion – Punk Rock Song (Legendado)

Bad Religion – Punk Rock Song (Legendado)

Omnium Gatherum Working On Album, Announces Tour Dates

Finnish melodic death metal band Omnium Gatherum is currently working with high pressure on the follow-up to 2013 album “Beyond.”

The new album is set to be released sometime in 2015, and in the meantime Omnium Gatherum is heading out for the “One Man Army Tour” in March 2015 supporting Ensiferum and Insomnium. The band commetns:

“Omnium Gatherum is happy to announce another European tour in support of the very well received ‘Beyond’ album, and we’ll be touring extensively in March/April as a part of this very very Finnish metalliUM trek with Ensiferum and Insomnium.

“We’ve already been busy touring Europe, Asia & North America after the release of ‘Beyond’ but apart from that we’ve had some secret time to forge some new OG anthems in the woods too, so we’re on a good path towards the next album sessions lil’ by lil’. For now it’s 7 songs ready an’ willing, nothing confirmed with the schedules and all yet, but just to say that the great days of next chapter are coming nearer.

“Before that, come to check out these shows and see when i’m sweating in pain playing two gigs per night those 21 gigs in a row as a part of Insomnium Gatherum hysteria!”

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Real A-Punk Music Video

3-Punk Scarlett, Madi, and Sophia A-Pink by Vampire Weekend.

Stripes (1981) Trailer

John Winger, An Indolent Sad Sack Impulsively Joins The U.S. Army After Losing His Job, His Car, His Girlfriend And His Apartment And, For Good Measure, He C…

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The Voynich Code Streams New Track “Decoding Of Life”

The Voynich Code has issued the following announcement about releasing a new song online for streaming:

“Who’s eager for a new track? The wait is over! Here’s ‘Decoding Of Life,’ the debut single from our upcoming release, ‘Ignotum.’

“Out January 30th 2015 Worldwide, featuring 6 tracks of Enigmatic Heaviness. Pre-orders will be up soon. Bang your head and make sure to share it!”

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New Review Update: November 28, 2014

John G here. Who went to Record Store Day Black Friday? The place I went to didn’t buy any of the exclusives and instead used that money to buy a huge rare punk collection. It was an interesting gambit that I thought worked really well. Instead of spending like $ 25 dollars on an overpriced repress, I got a rare, original Slits live record. Did you pick anything cool up?

Today’s reviews are:

  • Tim Barry- Lost & Rootless
  • Rancid – Turn In Your Badge
  • Sham 69 / Angelic Upstarts – Live in Islington
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Manic Sheep – Broken (2011/10/20)

在the wall 新版BROKEN~ Manic Sheep FB:


New single from Rings of Saturn’s third full length album entitled Lugal Ki En on Unique Leader Records. U.S. Release October 14th European release October 1…

Heavy Arms – MGS: Peace Walker ost

Heavy Arms Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker soundtrack.