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Rockstar Energy Uproar Festival Bands Raise Money For ALS

At a Rockstar Energy Uproar Festival show this week, Pop Evil took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge during the group’s performance on the Rockstar Energy Drink Main Stage.

Pop Evil’s lead singer Leigh Kakaty took the challenge while the rest of the band followed up backstage as soon as they walked off stage. Check out the video below.

After completing the challenge, Pop Evil nominated the bands Theory of a Deadman, Five Finger Death Punch and D.M.C. (Darryl McDaniels from Run-D.M.C.).

Pop Evil’s Leigh Kakaty said, “It feels good to be able to give back in more ways than just music.”

Rockstar Energy Uproar Festival producers, crew members, and the bands on the tour pulled together to make personal donations of over $ 4000 to ALS.

Uprorar Festival producer John Oakes commented, “ALS is a terrible disease. I think the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is an amazing viral marketing effort that has driven a massive amount of awareness and additional fundraising to the ALS Association. I am happy we were able to pull together and make a donation. I encourage others to take the challenge and most importantly, donate.”

For more information about ALS, visit this location and to donate to the ALS Association, head over here.

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#4332 Electronic – Electro-Punk – Experimental Pop – French – Synth Pop Royalty Free Music

ROYALTY SIR provides you Royalty Free Music without the stress from copyright infringement. Download Royalty Free Music directly from YouTube by using any Yo…

Melodic death metal instrumental #6

Guitar tuning BEADF#B.

Chinese heavy metal 4

Daoist music.

Australian Heavy Metal Documentary “Metal Down Under” Officially Released

The “Metal Down Under” DVD – a documentary chronicling the history of heavy metal in Australia – has now finally been released and can be ordered at this location. A teaser trailer is available below, and the organizers of the movie comment:

“Since the late 1970’s a thriving underground scene of extreme music has continued to evolve in Australia. Metal Down Under takes a look at the bands, people and events that have shaped this unique slice of Australian history.

“More than just the music, we meet the characters that make metal in Australia what it is today. From promoters, radio hosts and magazine editors, to band members and extreme fans, Metal Down Under introduces you to a world you either didn’t want to know existed, or have been a part of all your life.

“Featuring over 40 exclusive interviews as well as rare archive footage and photographs from Metal for the Brain, Metal for Melbourne, The Big Day Out, SBS, music videos, live concerts and much more.

“Here’s the facts! Time and time again our beloved scene has been overshadowed, dismissed and disregarded by many mainstream media / culture and plenty of lethargic Australian heavy music fans too, oh not to forget the rest of the world’s ignorance or lack of knowledge. Bleak times? Maybe? But, that has all changed! To find out why? WATCH Metal Down Under! This film reveals the history, the unsung heroes of our scene and why it’s never been more important to acknowledge & support Australian Heavy Music wholeheartedly!”

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The Moorings – Irish Folk Rock in Kulturbrücken Jungbusch

The Moorings aus Frankreich gründeten sich 2006. Zu Beginn, spielte die Band Pub-Folk Musik aus dem traditionellen Irisch/Schottischen Repertoire. Ziel war …


http://www.metalmythologies.com we take the approach that heavy metal music was inspired by many different era’s and styles of music, which had inspired he…

Korn – Got The Life Live – Heavy Metal Montreal 2010

Korn ending their show with got the life.

Little Big League cancel September dates, Riot Fest

Little Big League

Little Big League announced Monday that they will not be playing their date at Riot Fest and are canceling their September dates leading up to the festival.

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